Layers of Meaning

Exploring the Boundless Language

I am a visual poet, known for my unique style I call ABSTRACTYPE.

This term reflects my passion & love for typography – I see letters as shapes, allowing words to blend with colours, create new meanings… that is when the  imagination starts to flow freely.

My creative process is an exploration, and Both digital and manual techniques intertwine, reflecting a hybridised approach. Words become entangled in an attempt to express what has been forgotten, amidst the chaos of contemplation and existential confusion in an ever-changing world.


I fearlessly experiment with a wide array of materials. From raw canvas to discarded wooden shelves found on the street, ceramics, lucid surfaces, or even salvaged letters from printing houses, I embrace the unexpected and repurpose the overlooked. I employ a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, and spray paint, using brushes, hands, spachtels, stencils, silk print, and handwriting to bring my vision to life.

I use a variety of techniques, including oil, acrylic, spray paint graffiti style, brushes, stencils, silk printing, and handwriting.

My background in graphic design and my forever love for technology are integral parts of my creative process and in my artistic DNA.

From these elements emerge stories, drawings, graffiti, texts, poems, thoughts, and erasures 

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milush art_3